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Thanks to the efforts of the MGA we are now enjoying the benefits of fairway watering system on some of our fairways.
Much effort has gone into this project. We can all help by physical effort or monetary support.


 Grey Allen
Seth Allgood
Mike Bell
Rodney Bell
Wayne Blair
Justin Bush
Tom Cameron
Andy Eddins
Don FitzGerald
Jack Fox
Al Giles
John Harris
Mike Hill

Chip Hughes
Darrin Hynniman
Sean Parker
Joe Parr
Rob Pearson
Eldridge Pettis
Charlie Reid
Greg Rhyne
Tracy Smith
Trey Smith
Scott Stapp

Vance Townsend
Michael Trotter
A G Westbrook
Brent Wilson
Robert Wood
Jimmy Yelverton
Tommy Yelverton



Thanks to those that put so much effort into the DCC fairway watering system project.